Testimonial - One-on-One Coaching

I have just had an amazing call with Jane & have gone from feeling confused & doubtful to having clarity & purpose.

I have been “in my head” for months, conjuring up all sorts of awful things – none of which are true & have not known how to move forward from these dark thoughts. Jane’s knowledge & counsel has helped me no end. I can now move forward & leave all of that behind.

I highly recommend anyone who is stuck, confused or seeking clarity to tap in to Jane’s wisdom. Her aura is calm & her energy made me feel safe and easily able to chat & take on board her insights.

Thank you Jane. You are incredible & I am forever grateful for your time & wisdom. TB xx”


Testimonial - One-on-One Coaching

I had the pleasure of working with Jane yesterday. I discovered more about myself than I had in the last 20 years and beyond.
Thankyou for getting me.

Testimonial -Tarot Reading

I thought I was going to get some answers to a particular question.  But no.  Obviously I was meant to find out about other issues.  Jane was absolutely fabulous and I was shocked at her accuracy and what I needed to do in the future for my business 

Thank you so much Jane.

Testimonial -Tarot Reading

Jane’s accuracy in her readings are amazing.  I discovered a lot about myself and why I have been holding myself back.  I thoroughly recommend Jane as a reader.

Testimonial - Akashic Records

Wow, what a fantastic reading.  I contacted Jane as I was curious about what the Akashic Records are.  She recorded the session and sent me a full detailed report on her findings.  My Soul is also cleared of negativity from its past that no longer serves me in this lifetime. I feel very peaceful in the knowledge and understanding that I received from Jane.