about me

A little about my background.

I come from a military family, I have lived in many countries which has resulted in me understanding many cultures. There are times when I can transport myself back to a particular time and place and I can still feel, see and smell what happened then.

Whilst on postings and growing up I was lucky if I lived in one house or one country for any more than nine months at a time. A real Gypsy life. But I wouldn’t change any of it. I am now living in my 46th home!! Yep that is not a typo – that is how many times I’ve moved.

I married into the Army and eventually when my children were older I went into the workforce. I was a Consultant for many many years mainly working as a Senior Project Manager and Business Organisational Change Manager.

I learned many years ago that I could connect into my Higher Consciousness. But I didn’t really understand what it all meant. So I went searching for more information – as one does!!

I studied many many courses and I am fully qualified in all of them. However there are three that I use the most and am fully connected with are the:

  • Akashic Records
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • NLP
  • Timeline Therapy ®
  • The Tarot cards

I have been a practitioner of all of the above for around 15 years and I have had wonderful successes for my clients.

All these three modalities are gentle yet at the same time, extremely powerful.


The Akashic Records is a story about our Soul. It shows me the story of your Soul and the journey your Soul has taken over eons of time. It also gives me an indication of what your Purpose is in this lifetime.


Timeline Therapy ® is used to “break” any negative energies that we either have taken on in this lifetime, before or during birth, or during a past life. It is absolutely wonderful. No tears or drama will happen during this process.


And last but not least, I use the Tarot cards to provide readings for my clients. The tarot provides a “story” of whatever guidance you may be looking for. Ive been using the tarot for over 25 years and more recently I have delved deeper into my intuition to provide my clients with amazingly accurate readings and guidance.


This work is now my Purpose. To be able to Serve my clients and to assist them in their awesome journey. I find it extremely humbling to do this work.

Big hugs and Love as always